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Chongqing Exceedon& Partners Law Firm was founded by its two promoters, Mr. Yu Sun and Mr. ZeyanYang, former associate professors of Southwest University of Political Science and Law. Since its establishment in December 1998, Exceedon& Partners Law Firm has attained magnificent achievements and become into one of the most successful law firms in the west of China.

Profiting from the deep understanding of the regularity of the development of lawyers and the characteristics of lawyer practice, and impressed by the lessons from the integration and disintegration of many Chinese law firms, the philosophy of “ one hundred trees form forest and one hundred professionals bring success” is raised as the idea of starting our business. In Exceedon& Partners, the pursuit for talents exceeds the pursuit for assets; the respect for wisdom exceeds the worship of money. In our opinion, relying on the commercial speculation or the individual lawyers’ hard work will only bring temporary glitz; only the integration of many talents can achieve permanent glory. People-oriented is our unchanged tenet.

Guided by the philosophy of “one hundred trees form forest and one hundred professionals bring success”, over 90 lawyers gather under the banner of Exceedon& Partners. Among our lawyers, over half of them awarded with the degree of LL.M. or LL.D., and over half of them are also the law professors or associate professors. Good education background and systematic professional training enable our lawyers with the deep knowledge of law. Extensive experiences in universities, administrative organs, justice departments and business firms enable them the high skills of dealing with legal practice. The combination of theoretical quality and the practical ability completely overturn the bias against the “academic lawyers” by the common people and establish the high quality image of Exceedon& Partners in the lawyer community.Some of our lawyers have the background of oversea study and experience of working in the foreign law firms. Taking the advantage of frequent communications with foreign law firms, we adopt the “international standards” in the managements of the law firm,the modes of legal service, the skills of handle the cases and practice criteria, so on and so forth. One of our objectives is to establish a high-qualified law firm and provide our clients with normative and efficient professional service according to the above international standards.

In our views, the interest of clients is the most important and respect, the trust of clients is the most precious and cherished. As the professionals in law community, we uphold fairness and justice, However, as the practitioners, the fairness and justice do not only mean the difference on the scales or the balance under the gravel, but also the clients’ maximum legal interest which we will do our utmost to achieve. of the cl the  and the and within the boundaries of law we will do our utmost to achieve the best-desired result for our clients. Being strong and confident without insulting the weakbeing resourceful without ignoring morality, being complied with the legal theory without persisting in dogma, Exceedon& Partners pursuits the perpetual purpose to achieve the best interest of our clients through our deep professional wisdom and sophisticated skills of operation.

Since the establishment, not only has kept its traditional advantage in litigation and arbitration, Exceedon& Partners also has attained great achievements in the fields of infrastructure building, real estate development, finance and securities, capital operation and listing, transformation of enterprise, corporate merger and acquisition, venture investment, international investment, intellectual property, international hotel management, medical industry. With the fast development of the new practicing areas, the scope of our business reached the forefront of China western counterparts in a few years.

Shortly after its foundation,Exceedon& Partners provided legal service for Dayou High Way BOT project which set the precedent for the infrastructure building under the concession of Chongqing government. In 1999, Exceedon& Partners successfully provided legal service for Chengyu Expressway TOT Project which took the first place of investment scale in the history of Chongqing with the total investment amount of 3.2 billion RMB.

Chengdu Lianyi listed company takeover project, Changzheng Electrical Appliance listed company takeover project, ST Polar Bear listed company takeover project, Bahamas Tenghui Industry Company’s constant takeover of Chongqing Diwei Cement Plant, Guang’an Architecture Materials Group, Fuling Cement Plant and Chongqing Wulin Cement Company, purchase of FoushanBiaggio foreign shares and China Metallurgical Group Corporation (MCC)’s takeover of Shanxi Yan’an Equipment Plant and Xi’an Metallurgical Institution, etc. the legal services for hundreds of takeover projects set the great advantage of Exceedon& Partners in the that area.

Long Hu Garden, Times Mansion, Beverly Villa, Jiu Ding Commercial Villa, Gaojin Enterprise Foundation, Jin Dao Gardenthose most prestigious properties in Chongqing witness the success of Exceedon& Partners in the area of real estate development.

Serving as the professional legal advisor for many financial and insurance institutions,asset management companies, governmental agencies and public institution, prestigious manufacture enterprisesmore than ten luxury hotels and more than ten famous medical institutions, dozens of foreign invested enterprises, etc., Exceedon& Partners accumulates abundant experience in relevant fields.

Exceedon& Partners is the only member in Chongqing of “Yangtze River Lawyers Network” which is the law firm cooperation network covering the region of greater China. Yangtze River Lawyers Network’s main initiator is Hong Kong NG $ SHUM Solicitors & Notaries. Besides the members in Hong Kong, Macao and TaiwanYangtze River Lawyer Network has integrated more than twenty famous law firms in China mainland. Yangtze River Lawyer Network also established and close tie with the Law World which is a large organization of international law firms with numerous members around the world. Through that network, Exceedon& Partners not only can provide efficient and prompt services in different regions for our clients at home, but also obtainsample resources abroad for share.

Exceedon& Partners was awarded the title of “national excellent law firm”, “the most satisfactory law firm of people”, “Chongqing excellent law firm”, and won the team and individual first place in Chongqing zone of the National Bar TV Debate. The director Mr. Yu Sun and the executive director, Mr. Zeyan Yangwere both awarded with “Chongqing top 10 lawyers”, Lawyer Hongbo Liu was awarded with “Chongqing top 10 female lawyers”. The high reputation amongour clients and the public is the true glory which we are proud of.

The positioning of Chongqing Exceedon law firm is to forge a comprehensive law firm with a regional influence. With the continuous expansion of business scale, to meet clients’ cross-region demand for legal services, it has become an inevitable trend to radiate and expand outward. Chengdu branch has came into being established under this background.


On 5th, February, 2015, Chongqing Exceedon (Chengdu) law firm was established as a branch in Chengdu, by three senior partners (Mr. Yang Zeyan, Mr. Chen Ke and Mr. Zhang Jian) who were appointed by Chongqing Exceedon (the head office). The office is located in No.5, Floor 8, Deshang International A Block, Tianfu Avenue North Section, High-tech Zone, Chengdu. Now the branch has a modern office, large-scale lawyer team, perfect management system and financial system.


Due to the geographical location and the close economic development between Chengdu and Chongqing, Exceedon attaches great importance to the legal service market of Sichuan province, and appoints senior partners to set up a branch in Chengdu in order to provide better services for cross-region clients. The Chengdu branch can make full use of resources advantages of the Chongqing head office, including a stable clients base and a perfect talent team. At the same time, through the layout of the Chengdu branch, the Chongqing head office can also develop the business in Sichuan province, in order to further expand the overall scale and the influence of Exceedon.


The Chengdu branch is led by three senior partners: [Mr. Yang Zeyan] Lawyer Yang Zeyan is one of the founding partners of the Chongqing head office. Since practising, he has mainly engaged in companies, project investment, real estate & infrastructure projects, financial securities and other business areas. And he is known for his superb capabilities of planning, negotiation and documentation. Before the Chengdu branch was established, Lawyer Yang Zeyan had led the team to carry out many services in Chengdu, and had a number of stable customers, laying a good foundation for the establishment of the Chengdu branch. [Mr. Chen Ke] since 1994, Lawyer Chen Ke has began to engage in the domestic civil and commercial litigation, criminal litigation and non-litigation services as a full-time lawyer. In the process of handling the financial litigation cases for a long time, he forms a series of effective and unique ideas and skills of handling cases, from the pre-litigation plan design, to the proceedings and the whole process of supervision, and then to the case implementation after the litigation. In the field of non-litigation services, he provides the full range of legal services and special legal services at various stages, such as the introduction of strategic investors for the enterprise, the establishment of branches, the preparation of the company to be list, winning the clients’ recognition and trust. [Mr. Zhang Jian] Lawyer Zhang Jian received his bachelor’ s degree in law at Jilin University and then his master’ s degree in law at Saarland University, in German. Since practicing, in addition to providing legal services for clients in the field of traditional litigation,he has provided clients with the enterprise risk prevention, the legal argumentation, plan making, contacts & agreements drafting, and other special legal services in the field of non-litigation.


In addition to the partners, there are full-time lawyers from Chongqing head office and local lawyers from Chengdu as well. They have a good educational background, a profound theoretical foundation, the long-term practice training, superb legal operation skills, and a forward-looking customer service consciousness, to deal with all kinds of thorny legal matters rationally and get the customers’ way.


Since the establishment, the Chengdu branch has made remarkable achievements in real estate development, financial securities, corporate restructuring, corporate mergers & acquisitions and other fields, in addition to keeping its advantage in the traditional litigation areas. At present, mainly focusing on serving the clients who have the economic transactions between Sichuan province and Chongqing, the Chengdu branch relies on existing resources, and continuously expand new markets; working in tandem with the Chongqing head office, the Chengdu branch is deep ploughing Sichuan locality, and then radiate to the whole southwest area.

On 10th, February, 2015, Chongqing Exceedon (Hechuan) law firm, based on the development strategic considerations of Chongqing Exceedon law firm, was established as a branch in Hechuan by three senior partners appointed by Chongqing Exceedon(the head office). The Hechuan branch is located in floor 24, No.17 Building, Xiwangcheng Rose Garden Office Building, No. 499 Nanjin Street Hechuan District Chongqing City. At present, the number of lawyers of the Hechuan branch ranks first in Hechuan district. The office environment and hardware facilities also come out in the front of law firms of Hechuan.


Exceedon law firm has always attached great importance to the establishment of standardization. The Hechuan branch comprehensively introduces the management system of the head office with a combination of the practice in Hechuan, and now has preliminarily established in line with the basic system of cases acceptance, cases close, interest conflict examination, stamps’ usage & management, letters management and others which are required by the head office.

With the resources and advantages of the team lawyers, while relying on the brand appealing power of Exceedon, Hechuan branch actively establishes a long-term cooperation relationship with the public service center of Hechuan small & medium enterprises, the public service center of Hechuan Industrial Park, the service center of small & medium enterprises in Banan district and others, which settles a good foundation of transferring Exceedon brand influence into Hechuan branch business expanding power.