Fang Shu


Lawyer Fang Shu, graduated from Southwest University of Political Science & Law in 1992, with the bachelor degree of economic law. After graduation, she engaged in legal practice, from a law lecturer in Chongqing Construction College (now Chongqing University C area) to a legal counsel in a multinational company in Shenzhen. In 2000, she passed Bar examination and has been a full-time lawyer of Chongqing Exceedon & Partners Law Firm till now. In 2001, MS. Fang Shu started the graduate study in Southwest University of Political Science & Law and obtained the master degree of civil and commercial law in 2004. MS. Fang Shu, now, partner at Chongqing Exceedon & Partners Law Firm, member of financial securities and insurance professional committee of Chongqing lawyer association, vice president of Chongqing invention association.


During the teaching period in college, lawyer Fang Shu, had participated in writing the chapter ”financial legal system” and other chapters of the law treatise, the System of Modern Enterprises Economic Laws, which contains over 300 000 words and was published by Science and Technology Literature Press. As a legal advisor of a multinational company in coastal areas, MS. Fang Shu became familiar with enterprise conventional operation and the enterprises’ demand for the law, knew the best applicable strategy of the law in enterprise operation and management, and gave full consideration to the interests of enterprise to provide a sound legal advice and services, on the premise of according with the state laws.


Finance, investment & Financing, corporate, real estate law is always the core business area of Lawyer Fang Shu. Her clients include large domestic state-owned enterprises, private enterprise groups, and enterprises invested by multinational companies, covering banks, steel construction industry, power plants, hotel industry, etc. In the past 10 years of professional career, MS. Fang Shu provides many prominent financial institutions with litigation and non-litigation legal services, undertakes a large number of influential financial real estate legal affairs to save economic losses up to hundreds of millions of yuan. Therefore, Lawyer Fang Shu has accumulated rich experience in more than 10 years of practicing and also established the widespread social relationship. In 2012, MS, Fang Shu participated in “Bayu Lawyer talents cultivation plan” hosted by Chongqing Lawyer Association to attend a short-term training in HK, which includes visiting HK Lawyer Association, the court of final appeal of HK, HK international arbitration centre, and other practical departments, exchanging practical knowledge and experience, discussing the opportunities of legal business cooperation and development between two places. In 2014 and 2015, MS. Fang Shu was sent by the law firm many times to HK and Europe, communicating with overseas counterparts, exploring the market for clients’ investment projects and proving legal services.   


The major prominent clients, which MS. Fang Shu provides with legal services as a perennial legal counsel, are as following: Rui Hua Inverstment Holding Limited (USB), China Minsheng Banking Corp Chongqing Branch (perennial legal counsel), China Cinda Asset Management Co., Chongqing Office (perennial legal counsel), Hanhua Security Co., Ltd., Bank of China Chongqing Branch, Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank, Chongqing Huapont PHARM. Co., Ltd., Chongqing Electric Power Plant, Chongqing Forebbase-sofitel Hotel, China National Heavy Duty Track Group Co., Ltd. Chongqing Sales Company, Chongqing Hi-Tech Incubator Center (perennial legal counsel), Guangxia Chongqing First Construction (Group) Co., Ltd., Chongqing Henglong Steel Co., Ltd., etc. Thereinto, Lawyer Fang Shu held brief for Rui Hua Inverstment Holding Limited (a financial case worth of approximately 2 or 3 hundred million yuan), for China Cinda Asset Management Co., Chongqing Office (a financial case worth of about 1 hundred million yuan), for China Minsheng Banking Corp Chongqing branch (a case worth of 50 million yuan), and for China National Heavy Duty Track Group Co., Ltd. Chongqing Sales Company (a case worth of 30 million yuan). She also undertook the bankruptcy case of Chongqing Zhongbao cement plant, the bankruptcy case of Chongqing Second Textille, the debt management and collection of Chongqing Dajiang Xinda Vehicle Co., Ltd., settling claims and debts of China Minsheng Bank Co., Ltd., and other special legal services. MS. Fang Shu’s work won the satisfactory litigation and non-litigation effect. Her success rate of lawsuit is quite high, and MS. Fang Shu is of influence in Chongqing area. In addition, as the legal advisor of the magazine Chongqing Real Estate administered by the Municpal Land and Resources Bureau, MS. Fang Shu published articles related to real project financing in the journal to provide legal services to real estate trade fair undertaken by the magazine.


MS. Fang Shu has outstanding personal comprehensive quality, sound professional ethics, solid legal background, rich experience in legal services, and sound social relationship. Her dedicated, precise, and pragmatic attitude towards work, has earned her full trust and high praise among both the clients and legal profession. She was nominated for Chongqing Top 10 female lawyer in December of 2014 and awarded the title of Chongqing Yubei District Excellent Lawyer in April of 2015.