Zeyan Yang


Professional Fields:

Corporate practice (investment, mergers and acquisitions, finance and guarantee operations), and other non-litigation.


Position in Exceedon:

One of the founders of Exceedon Law Firm, Partner, and Vice-director of Chongqing Exceedon Law Firm Chengdu Branch


Social Position:

Professor of Southwest University of Political Science & Law,

Member of Chongqing Arbitration Committee,

Director of Corporate and Commercial Affairs Committee of Chongqing Lawyers Association,


Representative Cases(Non-litigation Cases):

Lawyer Yang mainly engaged in all kinds of non-litigation legal business, and is well known for his excellent planning, negotiation and documentation skills to the legal profession.


Cooperative construction and operation of Chongqing Dazu-Youting(Dayou) high-grade highway project by Hongkong Taishi Infrastructure (China) Co.,Ltd. and Chongqing Expressway Development Co., Ltd. ] In this project, Lawyer Yang Zeyan, as the legal adviser of Hongkong Taishi Infrastructure (China) Co.,Ltd., introduced a new project investment mode (BOT), and successfully persuaded the Chongqing Municipal People's government signed the franchise contract with the project companies, creating a precedent for the China's  western infrastructure construction integrated with international practice.


Transferring project of the operation right of Chongqing section of Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway (The transaction amount is as high as 0.32 billion yuan)]As the legal adviser of the tranferee CITIC Shanghai Infrastructure Construction Co., Ltd., after a year of negotiations, Lawyer Yang Zeyan successfully introduced the TOT project operation mode, so that the interests of all parties were fully guaranteed.


A venture capital project of new drug between an American company and a hospital in Chongqing] Lawyer Yang Zeyan set up a reasonable project operation mechanism in accordance with international venture capital practices, so that the interests of all parties can be best reflected.


Introduction of international hotel management to a well-known hotel in Chongqing]In this project, Lawyer Yang Zeyan, as the representative of the owners, negociated with the international hotel management groups of ACCORE, HOLIDAY INNS and MARRIOTT, and eventually signed with MARRIOTT international hotel management group. The hotel named JW Marriott Chongqing became the first five-star hotel in Chongqing city.


The joint venture project of Zongshen Industrial Group and Italy Piaggio company, a series of EPC projects of CISDI Engineering Co., Ltd, the Canada Bowen Island real estate projects acquired by Zongshen industrial group, are  Lawyer Yang Zeyan's representative service cases in the foreign non-litigation field in recent years.


All kinds of investment and corporate M&A have been by far the non-litigation field in which Lawyer Yang Zeyan engaged most widly. Finance and guarantee business is an important business field of Lawyer Yang Zeyan. Lawyer Yang Zeyan was also involved in the establishment of equity investment fund project service in Chongqing initiated by TPG, Infiniti, Lanshan and other well-known fund management companies. He is familiar with the rules and the practices of the setting-up andoperation of equity investment fund.


Based on in-depth study of the various circumstances, Lawyer Yang Zeyan makes thorough project operation plans with profound professional knowledge and rich experience, does all he can to gain the initiative at the negotiating table, making the most appropriate configuration to achieve the interests of all parties, and ultimately records with the end of strict and highly practical legal documents. Through one after another success cases, Lawyer Yang Zeyan has established an outstanding reputation in this field.



Individual Honor

awarded the title of " Chongqing 3rd top 10 Lawyers"