Yungang Tao



 ·1.5-year experience as legal assistant in Bravo & Margulies Law Office, San Francisco, U.S.A.

 ·2-year law studying in ABA approved Golden Gate University School of Law, San Francisco

 ·2-year experience as law counsel for People’s Congress of Chongqing Province, China

 ·8-year experience handling civil, criminal and administrative cases in the Chinese law firms

 ·8-year law studies in one of Chinese top 5 Law Universities, Southwest University of Political Science and Law

 ·Strong academic background with American Master Degree and Chinese SJD Degree of Law

 ·Abundant social practice experience from 2-year Chongqing Province governmental legal counsel, 3-year San Francisco Chinese Embassy service volunteer, 4-year Chinese law university teacher and internship court clerk for one summer

 ·Energetic and Bright with pleasant and elegant personality; highly responsible, motivated, organized and efficient; willing and able to work well with a multi-culture and diverse work force under the pressure and time limitation; good at interpersonal presentation, communication, learning and progress

·Fluent in English and advanced level of Mandarin



Golden Gate University School of Law, San Francisco, CA. U.S.A.

 ·Master Degree of Laws in U.S. Legal Studies Program                       Aug. 2004-May 2006

Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Chongqing, China

·SJD in International Economic Law                                                       Aug. 2003- Aug. 2008

  ·Master Degree of Law in International Economic Law                        Aug.2000-Aug.2003

 ·Bachelor Degree of Law                                                                        Aug.1996-Aug.2000      



 Exceedon & Partner Law Offices, Chongqing, China                                  May. 2008 - Current

    ·Civil and criminal Legal representation for lawsuit and defense

    ·Legal counsel for companies in daily operation, projects planning, contract draft and reviewing, program negotiation

    ·international investment, M&A and disputes resolution

·Security, finance and public listing    ·

    ·real estate, infrastructure facilities building and construction projects, IP

Bravo & Margulies Law Office, San Francisco, CA. U.S.A.   May 2006 - December 2008 

 ·Drafted court pleadings, including but not limited to: motions and replies, ex parte applications, stipulations, responses to OSC, CMC statements, petitions, complaints.

  ·Drafted other legal documents, including but not limited to: Requests of discoveries,    responses to discoveries, expert disclosures, statements of damages

  ·Legal research, developed strategies and memo briefs for attorneys

  ·Reviewed deposition transcripts, medical records and other legal documents.

  ·Corresponded with clients, opposing counsels, court clerks, witness.

  ·Trial, settlement conference, deposition and other hearing preparations, client intakes

 ·Translated English to Chinese and vise versa both orally and in writing

Dingsheng Law Firm, Chongqing, China                                                      2000-2004

    ·Researched and analyzed law sources to prepare drafts of briefs or arguments for review, approval and use by attorney

    ·Met with clients for trial preparation, investigated facts and prepared legal documents

    ·Assisted in drafting various business contracts



Governmental Legal Counsel, Chongqing People’s Congress, China      Aug. 2002- Aug. 2004

    ·Provided legal advice for governmental activities

    ·Researched and analyzed legislative issues

 Service Volunteer, San Francisco Chinese Embassy, U.S.A.                 Dec.2004-Dec.2007

    ·Assisted the clerks to hold Chinese society ceremonies

    ·Organize San Francisco Chinese students’ activities under the embassy supervise

    ·Worked with diverse personnel to introduce China to Americans.

Law School Teacher, SWUPL, Chongqing, China                                   Aug. 2000-Aug. 2004

  ·Taught undergraduate students law courses, including but not limited to Corporate Law, International Economic Law, Civil Law, Legal Theory, Business Law and Litigation

 Summer Intern Court Clerk, Middle-Class Court of Xingjiang Province, China.    2000                                                                                  

    ·Drafted case reports, legal research for judges, replied to parties’ questions

    ·Managed case files, communicated and intermediated between disputing parties and Judges                                                                                

    ·Drafted case reports, legal research for judges, replied to parties’ questions

    ·Managed case files, communicated and intermediated between disputing parties