Hongwu Wang


Wang Hongwu's lawyer has been practicing for more than twenty years and has accumulated rich experience in judicial practice, and especially in experience in litigation and arbitration, be proficient in writing various legal documents, familiar with the whole legal proceedings, and has a lot of experience in court trial. Wang Hongwu lawyer’s case handling style is very delicate, good at finding evidence in the small details, so as to lay a solid foundation for winning the whole case. The most typical case is the cooperation development dispute of a small and medium-sized enterprises(“the SEM”) in China with a hotel in Sichuan. Cooperation between the two sides began in the early 90s of last century, but nearly 20 years later, in 2012, the hotel sued the SEM that the contract was not fulfilled,  claim for restitution of land, and claims amounting to about 80000000 yuan. Due to long time interval, the partners of the SME personnel has changed, many informed per capita has left, the management of the SEM can do nothing for the case. Wang Hongwu lawyer, head into the basement of the record room, with nearly half a month's time, from numerous, out of order data, find strong evidence of reduction of the facts of the case, finally proof of the restaurant in Sichuan's petition can not be established, and win the lawsuit. Wang Hongwu's attorney's comments were almost entirely cited. By the Supreme People's court’s  second instance, the case has all confirmed the basic facts proved by these evidences and upheld the judgment of first instance. According to the exquisite style  Lawyer Wang Hongwu save a lot of cases that the parties themselves believe that would lose the case, and win the customer's high praise.

Key performance

Litigation and arbitration cases:

[case of construction contract dispute between Sichuan Road and Bridge stock limited company and Ma Jianqiang and Sichuan traffic industry company], the case was lost in the first instance, and the second instance was returned to the court.

[Case of engineering construction contract dispute betwwen China water conservancy and hydropower eighth Engineering Bureau Co. Ltd and Sichuan Jiang Third Construction Engineering Limited company ] the other party of the case asked for projects of more than 2000 yuan, the final verdict only pay 1 million 900 thousand yuan. Neither side appealed.

[Case of cooperation and development dispute China small and medium-sized enterprises and The National Hotel Sichuan real estate ), first and second instance all win.

[Yang XX and Fan XX divorce case] The case involving the value of about 100 million yuan equity distribution of a company, the first instance partial lawsuit in favor of the two parties to reach a settlement.

[Case of install damage compensation dispute between Sichuan and State Chemical Co. Ltd. and Luzhou seventh construction and installation engineering company]  The damages in the case was caused by chemical equipment explosion, which involved professional knowledge related to the chemical industry and the pipeline, special pressure vessel, after 5 years of litigation, the majority of the claims were supported.

[Case of bond dispute between Sichuan Luqiao group company and Inner Mongolia high-grade highway company, Construction Bank of Chengdu branch of Xinhua ] The case involving nearly 300 million yuan. By filing a letter of guarantee against fraud, forcing the other party to abandon the claim.

[Case of lease contract dispute between Chengdu Ying Yun Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. and Sichuan good home business company, Chengdu good home Supermarket Co., Ltd. ] the first trial and second trial both win. Good home supermarket vacate the supermarket in the deadline.

[Case of Zhang XX murder ] the case of first instance received a commuted death sentence, , change the charges after remand, sentenced to 6 years of  blackmail and impose exactions on.

[Case of Yang XX rape murder] first instance was sentenced to death, the second instance changed to life imprisonment.

[Case of Baden transport narcotics] trial was sentenced to death with reprieve, no period of the second sentence.

[aXie XX breach of privilege crime]  no crime without any protest appeal approved.

[Case of Yi XX corruption, bribery, abuse of power] successfully sentenced to less than ten years.

Non-litigation cases:

[Chengdu Pharmaceutical Corporation, a leaf pharmaceutical company in Sichuan equity acquisition case]

[seventh Affiliated Middle School of Sichuan Normal University (Yuechi)]

[The salt flats of Zigong district level land consolidation project]

[Wenjiang campus of Sichuan College of Education]

[Chengdu Jiarun estate Dujiangyan River villa project limited liability company]

[Chengdu graphite chemical plant bankruptcy administrator project]

[PROJECT of hotel Sichuan Boneng liquidation]

Represent customers:

Chinese small and medium-sized enterprise management limited, China water conservancy and hydropower eighth Engineering Bureau Co. Ltd., Sichuan province Luqiao Limited by Share Ltd, Sichuan road and Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd., Chengdu Qingyang District Urban Construction Comprehensive Development Company, Sichuan Huatai investment (Group) Co. Ltd., Sichuan Boneng gas Limited by Share Ltd, Sichuan College of Education, Sichuan Normal College of Foreign Affairs College, Sichuan blue the wild goose Group Co. Ltd., Sichuan and State Investment Group Limited, Sichuan Ande urban construction investment limited liability company, Chengdu Taichang Real Estate Development Co. Ltd., Chengdu Ying Yun Enterprise Management Limited, Chengdu ZTE Industrial Investment Co. Ltd., Sichuan province Gao Jian four Construction Supervision Co. Ltd. etc..

Education: Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Bachelor of laws, civil and commercial law graduate students.

Personal honor: excellent lawyer in Chengdu

Professional areas: real estate, construction projects, finance, securities funds.