Yuqiao Du


Graduated from/Degree: 

Southwest University of Political Science & LawMaster Degree of Laws         

Southwest University of Political Science & LawBachelor Degree of Laws     


Time of Joining Exceedon:

Joined Chongqing Exceedon in 2008 as a full-time lawyer


Working Experience:

1998-2007       Served in the Chongqing Higher People's court

2008-Present     Served in Chongqing Exceedon and mainly engaged in civil and commercial legal work

So far, Lawyer Du Yuqiao has accumulated 19 years experience of judicial practice.


Position/Professional Department:

Partner, the Vice Director of Exceedon Law Firm,

Director of Finance Legal Affairs Department of Exceedon Law Firm,

General manager of Fund Legal Affairs Department of Exceedon Law Firm


Social Position:

Member of Chongqing Arbitration Committee,

Member of the Financial Securities Specialized Committee of Chongqing Lawyer Association

Expert Consultant on Financial Factors Market Construction of Chongqing Financial Affairs Office

Legal Adviser of Chongqing Banking Association




Representative Clients:

Lawyer Du Yuqiao successively served as a legal adviser for Chongqing Financial Asset Exchange, Chongqing Pharmaceutical Exchange, Zheshang Xinye Investment Group Co., Ltd., Changshou City in City Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Chongqing University of Technology, Hengfeng Bank Chongqing Branch, Hengfeng Rural Banking Co., Ltd. of Chongqing Jiangbei District, Chongqing PFIU, Chongqing Re-guarantee Co., Ltd., and other enterprises or government-affiliated institutions.


Litigation Cases

Lawyer Du Yuqiao served as an agent for banks, small loan companies and guarantee corporations, and the total claims of the creditor's right that Lawyer Du Yuqiao successfully assisted the parties in has accumulated over 100 million yuan.

Lawyer Du Yuqiao used the sound professional ethics, and the efficient execution with focus, to further the greatest interests for clients, also winning the trust and support of clients.


Non-litigation Cases

Lawyer Du Yuqiao engaged in the structure designing of all the financial products of Chongqing Financial Asset Exchange; assisted Chongqing Financial Affairs Office and Chongqing Banking Regulatory Commission to conduct a compliance review of the P2P platform within the scope of Chongqing; provided the full-course legal services to the fund products over 10 billions of Bank of Chongqing Co., Ltd.

At the same time, Lawyer Du Yuqiao provides professional examination and risk control of recording registration legal affairs of fund managers of serval private equity firms as a director of fund legal affairs department of Chongqing Exceedon.