Financial Legal Affairs

Originated in the budding period of the commodity economy, after thousands of years of development, financial trading patterns evolve from traditional lending to a great diversity. The blooming financial industry well boost the economic growth. In the "Internet plus" era, a combination of finance and internet has brought a good opportunity to the development of the financial industry.

With the “new normal” economic development, financial litigation cases show a blowout. The rapid development of financial industry and the inherent risk of finance make the financial regulators control trading patterns more and more stringently. In the non-litigation field, the argument of compliance services for trading patterns has become an important part of legal services. Frequent capital operations with a scale of hundreds of billions need lawyers, more from the legal angle, responsibly investigate the corresponding investment projects  in order to control the legal risk in them.     

Exceedon Financial Legal Affairs Department

Financial legal services are a dominant business field of Exceedon with a comparatively strong competitiveness. More than half of the lawyers in the department have a master's degree or above, more than dozens of lawyers have judicial practice experience, which establishes the significant human resource advantage of the Exceedon financial legal affairs department.

Over the years, Exceedon financial legal services team is always advancing on professionalization, continuing to study and explore issues related to the practice of financial law and the solutions; through the regular internal mechanism, constantly improving the financial business abilities of the department members to provide clients with higher-quality services; being committed to the research of the innovative financial products and the legal service, and setting up bank intermediary business research group, fund research group, securities (including new board) research group, bond research group, factoring research group, asset securitization research group, insurance research group, financial leasing research group, Internet Banking (including P2P) research group and others in the department.

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