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Criminal defense is related to every citizen's core freedom issue and even life issue. No matter ordinary people or high-ranking officials & merchants, when they are trapped in a criminal predicament, they can only trust and rely on the criminal defense lawyer. In recent years, the exposure of Nian Bin poisoning case in Fujian province, Nie Shubin rape case in Hebei,  Uncle Zhang & his nephew murderous adultery case, and many other major wrongful convictions, highlights the importance and the meaning of criminal defense to the public, using the shocking blood and tears of life.

Under the reality that the public power and the individual power are seriously unequal, criminal defense is the last defensive line to protect the dignity and the rights of citizens. Criminal defense lawyers need to have a strong, rational, passionate, and other multiaspects characteristics, providing a full range of multi-level defense services, doing their utmost to avoid an innocent person but convicted, light punishment but received a severe sentence and other violations of justice.

Exceedon law firm has brought together a group of criminal defense lawyers with an enormous sense of responsibility and mission, who are willing to use up all the knowledge they have learnt, pursue " Crying for life, defending for liberty," and maintain the dignity and rights of each that is listed as a suspect citizen.

Exceedon Criminal Defense Center

Exceedon Criminal Defense Center is led by local senior criminal defense lawyers, including Lawyer Sun Yu (the national excellent lawyer, the director of Exceedon), Lawyer Sun Farong (the former director of the Chongqing Lawyers Association, the partner of Exceedon), Lawyer Wei Feng (the former director of the Chongqing Lawyers Association Criminal Special Committee, the director of the Exceedon Criminal Defense Center), Lawyer Xiao Zhijun (the vice-director of the Chongqing Lawyers Association Criminal Special Committee, the vice-director of the Exceedon Criminal Defense Center), etc; the team members of Exceedon Criminal Defense Center have similar professional qualities, combining the academia and the practical: not only do many elites of the judicial practice circle (switched from the Public Security Organizations, Prosecutorial Organizations and People's Courts) join the Exceedon Criminal Defense Center, but doctors and post-doctors from Southwest University of Political Science & Law and other universities also provide the theoretical and technical support. Lawyers from the team have been successively awarded four times the honorable title of Chongqing Best Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Exceedon criminal defense team hosted a large number of criminal cases which had a significant impact in Chongqing and the country, many of which are of no guilty and non-litigation. Exceedon criminal defense team enjoy a wide range of reputation in the industry with superb business ability and responsible professional attitude. Adhering to the concept"the supreme right, the priceless freedom", the team will better fulfill the duty of lawyers, safeguard the interests of the parties, and push China's criminal defense system to improve, by strengthening the professional quality and improving business skills.

Part of Our Representative Cases Including:

[the Former Vice-Chairman of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Mr. Li Bribery Case]

[the Former Director of Chongqing Beibei District People's Congress, Mr. Yang Bribery Case]

[the Former Vice-Director of Chongqing Shapingba District, Mr. Chen Bribery Case]

[the Former Secretary of Chongqing Tongliang County Party, Mr. Gao Bribery Case]

[the Former President of Chongqing Radio and Television Group, Mr. Li Bribery Case]

[the Former Manager of China Construction Bank Chongqing Gaoxin District Sub-branch, Mr. Tang Bribery Case]

[the Former Chief Judge of the Executive Tribunal of Chongqing Fifth Intermediate People's Court, Mr. Guo Bribery Case ]

[“the mob boss” Mr. Zhou Appeal Case] In the first instance, Mr. Zhou was sentenced to death with reprieve with 11 crimes; Exceedon Criminal Defense Team intervened in the second instance, successfully defending Mr. Zhou from 7 crimes including Mafia-style gangs and others. After that, Mr.Zhou’ s sentence was commuted to fourteen years imprisonment.

[Mr. He Burglary Case]In the first instance, Mr. He was sentenced to four years imprisonment; Exceedon Criminal Defense Team intervened in the second instance, and successfully commuted Mr.he’ s sentence into 6-months imprisonment with 1-year reprieve.

[Mr. Gu Duty Crime Case] Exceedon Criminal Defense Team acted as agent to appeal and had Mr.Gu’ s prison sentence commuted three years shorter.

[Mr. Zhang Rape Case] Exceedon Criminal Defense Team successfully defended Mr. Zhang, who was later acquitted of the charge.

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