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The law firm Exceedon is a partnership law firm whose main sponsors are Mr. Sun Yu, the premier lecturer of Southwest University of Political Science & Law, and Mr. Yang Zeyan. Since founded in Dec 1998, this law firm has made remarkable achievements and becomes one of the most rapidly developing and promising comprehensive law firms in the west of China.

Impelled by the humanities Hundreds of trees make a forest; hundreds of dons make an industry, now Exceedon has gathered nearly two hundred elites in the industry. Under the influence of sound education background and professional system, lawyers in Exceedon have a solid and profound legal theoretical basis; long-term practice and experience of serving for the universities, government offices, judicial authorities and commercial organizations, equips Exceedon with superb skills for various legal practice and broadens its horizon. These, some lawyers’  overseas education experiences, some lawyers’ working experience in foreign lawyer firm , coupled with frequent cooperation and interactions with foreign lawyers, make Exceedon master all sorts of essentials of "international standards", in terms of the law firm management, project service mode, case operation skills, practice criterion, etc.


Exceedon provides numerous elites in the field of law with a business platform which has an inclusive human environment and broad prospects, being committed to providing professional value for clients. Since its inception, in addition to maintaining Exceedon’ s advantages in the traditional field of  litigation and arbitration, Exceedon has obtained spectacular success in the field of infrastructure projects, real estate development, financial securities, capital operation & listing, enterprise restructuring, mergers & acquisitions, risk investment, international investment, intellectual property, international hotel management, etc. In recent years, the development indexes of Exceedon have joint the front rank of the field, the number of perennial legal counsels ranking first in the industry, overall performance being long and steady to hold the first echelon series of the native top three; Exceedon shows a good occupation spirit, professionalism and innovation in major litigation and non-litigation cases, its professional reputation being widely recognized by its clients and the field of law.


Entrepreneurs are always on the way. With the courage of unremitting reform and innovation,  Exceedon always move with the times on the way of professionalism and specialism. In 2014, Exceedon optimized and reorganized the original business units, to further consolidate the basis of professional development, strengthen a full range of professional capacity that a comprehensive law firm should have, including the formation of Exceedon Criminal Defense Center with the integration the advantages in human resources in the field of criminal defense, the set-up of the fiscal & tax legal affairs department following the new trend of legal services for the field of fiscal & tax as the first in the local industry, and other professional departments, like finance, securities, corporations, real estate & construction projects,  bankruptcy, foreign affairs, administration, labor & social security, intellectual property rights, housework, etc. After the reorganization, vigor has been further released, and the reorganization provides Exceedon with a new space for forging the core competitiveness of the sustainable development.


In 2015, Exceedon successively set up the Chengdu branch in Sichuan Province and the Hechuan branch in Chongqing to further integrate the cross-regional legal service ability. Exceedon is also the only member of the Yangtze River Lawyers Alliance in Chongqing area. "The Yangtze River Lawyers Alliance" is a great China law firms collaboration network, whose main sponsor is Wu Shaopeng Law Firm in Hongkong. It accepts famous law firms in more than twenty central city of the mainland as its members, except those Hongkong law firms linking Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Through this channel, not only does Exceedon at home country provide efficient and quick cross regional services to customers , but also Exceedon has abundant shared resources abroad.
  • Foreign-related Department of Chongqing Exceedon Law Firm

1. Foreign-related Legal Affairs

From the reform and open policy to joining WTO, from calling to earn foreign currency to "One Belt One Road" policy introduced, from launching drive to lure foreign investment to encouraging Chinese enterprises to "go out", China's economic development path highlights the global economic integration and heavily colors of the two-way economic transaction between the domestic and overseas.


Complying with the need of economic development, the proportion of foreign-related legal services in legal services is increasing day by day, and its role is becoming increasingly prominent. Foreign-related legal services put forward higher requirements on lawyers of foreign-related legal services: not only must a lawyer of foreign-related legal services be familiar with the relevant domestic foreign-related laws and regulations and the laws of foreign countries or regions involved by a particular transaction or case served, but also the lawyer has to be familiar with the related international practices of a particular transaction or case, the related latest trends and changes. Furthermore, according to the specific conditions of a particular transaction or case served, a lawyer of foreign-related legal services shall make the most suitable and beneficial plan. Whether having a lawyer team to provide high-quality services to clients on all kinds of foreign-related legal needs has become an important factor to measure if a law firm is a comprehensive and successful law firm in the industry.


2. Foreign-related Legal Affairs Department of Chongqing Exceedon Law Firm

The Foreign-related Legal Affairs Department of Chongqing Exceedon Law Firm brings together a group of full-time lawyers with solid professional knowledge, profound academic background and rich practical experience in foreign-related legal services. Among the members of the Department, there are more than ten lawyers who have studied abroad where the countries includes the US, the UK, Germany, France, Japan and South Korea. These lawyers are skilled in using the appropriate foreign language as the oral and written working language.


The Foreign-related Legal Affairs Department of Chongqing Exceedon Law Firm has devoted its concentration and efforts in the field of foreign-related legal services to comply with the needs of clients. In recent years, the Department provides efficient, high-quality and comprehensive legal services for clients in the fields of the international enterprise M&A, domestic and foreign investment, overseas IPO and financing, etc., and has received a widespread recognition and praise from the clients.


The major projects successfully served by us include but not limited as the followings:


The expansion project of overseas franchise mode of hotpot brand "Cygnet" of Chongqing Jiayong Cygnet Catering Co., Ltd..The projects that Chongqing Zongshen Industry Group and Italy Piaggio Group establish two joint venture companies in Hanoi of Vietnam and Foshan of China.The Chongqing Wanhoo Industry's joint venture project of motorcycle production line in Pakistan. The construction project of SABIC in Chongqing Xiyong Park. The cooperation project of New Century Cruise Co., Ltd. and NICKO (German). The EPC project of a steel plant in Saudi of CISDI Engineering Co.,Ltd. and Mittal Steel Company (India). The joint venture project of fan control system production of Chongqing Qianwei Instrument Factory and KK Company (Denmark).The investment project in Brazil of the motorcycle coproduction of Zongshen Industry Group and Brazil CR Motorcycle Company. The cooperation project "Sino-Italy Innovation Industrial Park" of Chongqing Bishan District People's Government, the University of Sant' Anna (Italy), and Chongqing University. The joint venture project of Chongqing Hongli Zhixin Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and American Fisher Seats Engineering & Technology Company. The Chongqing joint venture project of the artificial heart of Chongqing Lilong Technology Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. and a Japan company. The acquisition project of the American Mission Motorcycle Company by Chongqing Zongshen Industry Group. The projects of Chongqing Huayu Group Co., Ltd. investing in the real estate of London and Manhattan through foreign-related funds.The cooperation project in the field of electronic payment , logistics, and e-commerce between Chengdu Tianyu Lixin Technology Co., Ltd. and Indonesia's largest logistics company-GPI Company. The acquisition project of Firecom Company (Ireland) by Zhejiang Firecomms Communication Technology Ltd.. The joint venture cooperation project of Chongqing Qianwei Technology Group Co., Ltd. and American Honeywell Company. The crash board cooperation project of Chongqing Gongxin Technology Development (Group) Co., Ltd. and Australian RBS Company. The two joint venture projects in Chongqing and Harbin between Chongqing Hongli Zhixin Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and American Magna Group. The project of the Fund of Chongqing TPG first-phase equity investment in China's Western Growth. The IPO project of Chongqing Foguang Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd. listing on OTCBB of America. The acquisition project of the real estates in Bowen Island of Canada by Chongqing Zongshen Industry Group. The acquisition project of foreign-held equity in Itron company(Chongqing) by Chongqing Lilong Technology Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.. The Wulong Anatara Hotel cooperation project of Chongqing Loncin Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Thailand MGH Hotel Management Group. The Wyndham Hotel project of Chongqing Convention and Exhibition Center. Beibei Byantree Hotel Project, Liangping Days Hotel Project, and Xiushan Howard & Johnson Hotel Project of Chongqing Forebase Group Industry Co., Ltd.. The Melia Hotel project in Tieshanping of MCC Real Estate Chongqing Co., Ltd.. The CIETAC Beijing arbitration case of Singapore Pallister Group Ltd. v. Sichuan Tianci Jianmenguan Hot Spring Development Co., Ltd. on "Days" brand franchising disputes. The lawsuit case of Korea International Tourism Company v. Chongqing Changjiang International Tourism Company on contractral disputes.



3. Service Section

International M&A

Foreign Investment in China

Chinese Overseas Investment

Overseas IPO and Financing

Legal Services for Foreign Enterprises Operating in China

Foreign-related Intellectual Property

Services for Foreign-related Criminal Cases

Services for Foreign-related Funds

Foreign-related Litigation and Arbitration

Services for International Hotel Projects

Investment and Immigration

Legal Services for Other Foreign-related Economic Transactions


4. Recommended Lawyers

Lawyer Tao Yungang

Lawyer Luo Shu

Lawyer Shu Fang

Lawyer He Rong

Lawyer Tan Qiang

Lawyer Luo Yong